We are at a moment of reckoning. The world is split open and ready to renew again after the world-changing events of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we reconsider what is normal, we must recognize how our systems were broken. Returning to that “normal” is not a celebration. As we reflect on the upheaval of our lives, our work, and our families, we will realize what our choices will impact future generations. While remote work allows for greater flexibility, we cannot ignore the challenges it created in our family landscapes. …

Efforts to dismantle the Department of Education will harm the most vulnerable of our young population: those who live with disabilities and those who are poor. Jimmy Carter, upon creating the department proclaimed, “The time has since passed for us to put a part-time effort into a full-time project”. Despite the noble goal of creating more equitable access to education, Republicans have opposed the department from its inception.

“The time has since passed for us to put a part-time effort into a full-time project” Jimmy Carter

Looking back on history bipartisan support for education initiatives only occurs during national crises…

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This week marked the beginning of Derek Chauvin’s trial. The prosecution will argue that Chauvin used excessive force to murder George Floyd. In a vigil prior to the first night of the trial Attorney Benjamin Crump declared, “While Chauvin is in court, America is on trial”. Some of the big questions of this case revolve around race, power, and authority. Do the police have too much power? Because of this has public trust in law enforcement eroded?

If it hasn’t, it should. The time has long since passed for Americans to be ignorant of police misconduct.

The state of affairs

On March 26th, 2021…

Caylin Luebeck

She/Her/Hers: Public health advocate, eager learner and obsessive crossworder

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